Settling into New Zealand

Settling into New Zealand | Webinar | 16 May | 12 – 1pm | Register

Are you an engineer or engineering student born overseas? Join us to learn some top tips to help you settle into New Zealand and the engineering community here.

When we come to New Zealand as immigrants, the first thing to face is cultural differences in many aspects, such as language, food, how to make friends and how to do things in workplaces.

For many people, it’s not easy to accept the differences quickly as we grow up in the areas with our own culture, and have been used to do things in our own ways. To pursue a successful career in a new environment, it’s very important to walk out our comfort zones with an open mind and brave actions, and our attitudes will help us to build good relationships with people from different background, especially local people, which might be a key point for our job seeking and career development. This webinar led by Special Interest Group for Immigrant Engineers Chair, Joy Chen, will talk though some areas to think about when you are settling into to New Zealand and looking for a job

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